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CE Information 

ARRT Category A continuing education (CE) credit will be available at the AHRA Annual Meeting and Exposition. CE credit for states with licensure for radiologic technologists will also be available. The number of credits per session is listed next to the session description. 

AHRA will be using an electronic tracking system for CE credits. Please follow these instructions to receive credit: 

1. The QR code on your badge will be scanned as you enter and leave a session. You must get BOTH scans in order to receive CE credit. 

2. You must be ON TIME for every session, or you will NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR CE CREDIT AND WILL NOT BE SCANNED INTO THE SESSION. There is no “buffer” time. 

3. Since the QR code on your badge tracks your attendance, you can only get CE credit if you have your badge with you at the session! 

NEW in 2023 CE PORTAL:

The certificate process has changed and AHRA will use to track attendee credits for 2023.

The day after you have attended a session you will be able to see the sessions you attended and the number of credits you received listed on your CE Portal  You must use your email address used to register for the conference and your badge number to log in to the portal.

For early access to your CE letter, log in to this portal and complete the event surveys. You will have until July 31, 2023, to report any missing credits and until September 15, 2023, to retrieve your CE letter from this portal. If you need assistance contact us at

As always, you are responsible for reporting your credits to ARRT or other licensure agencies. 

CE letters will be available in the portal up until September 15th. CE Letters will be available at after this date. For assistance locating your CE letter please contact Member Services at

CE Stations will be located by the session rooms. For help onsite please see the CE Information Desk at Registration.